Thursday, January 7, 2010


Its a few days into the New Year…so I figured it’s probably time to make good on my biggest resolution this time around: WRITE MORE. So, here goes.

For me 2009 was hardly a benchmark year, and for that reason it was with little trepidation that I bid it farewell. Admittedly nothing tragic occurred to mar my opinion of the year- rather, it was the culmination of countless small misfortunes, bad days, and missed opportunities that left me eager to see 2009 out.

Coming off of 365 days of blah, I am devoted (at least at this point) to making my own luck in 2010, and if that fails, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the fates will work in my favor this year. So, what am I doing to make my own luck? At the very least I am going to focus on doing the things that make me happy…in 2010 I plan to do more of the following:

2. Cooking & baking
3. Reading good books
4. Crafting/sewing/creating/designing
5. Exploring the city

Meanwhile, I’ll be incorporating some of the more traditional New Year’s resolutions to meet my goal of making a happier me.

6. Eating better
7. Getting back to my workout schedule
8. Managing and maintaining my finances

In addition...there's just one more resolution that I'm both eager and uneasy to put into effect, to start...

9. Trying new things and going outside of my comfort zone

So there we have it- on record. Maybe this will help me with the follow through?


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