Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Direction...Same Old Snob

So I've been fairly terrible at maintaining this blog...for a variety of reasons. I kept seeking out perfect inspirations, things worthy of my judgement and someone else's (yours?) readership. Clearly I did not find a whole lot of it. A while back I did find something inspiring...but not in the way I was expecting. Instead it came in the form of a blog update from a best friend whos online musings, all of which are infused with her classic style and effortless grace, continue to motivate me to do something equally as creative and enteratining with my own blog. At the same time, one of my resolutions this year is to write more, so I figure I already have a forum...why not fill it with my words? Nevermind if each entry isn't a narrowly tailored rant against my boss (update: FREE AT LAST!), or a biting criticism of some fashion faux pas whitnessed on my morning commute. Instead, this new brand of Snobservations will be the organic judgments that arise from my encounters, insights, goals and experiences...and I'm thrilled.


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