Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Rant: Un-fortune-ate Cookies

It's a cold, rainy and all around miserable Friday afternoon. I want nothing more than to cuddle up in a pair of flannel pajamas, whilst reading the latest People magazine and sipping on some won ton soup. Instead, I am at my office- five hours later and still drying off from my morning commute. So since I cannot partake of the flannel and People portion of my fantasy, I decided to indulge in the most accessible part of it and ordered myself some won ton soup. Now I only wanted the pint portion but was forced to order the quart to up my cost and achieve the $10 delivery minimum. On top of that, I included an order of teriyaki chicken and a side of white rice.

After placing the order I was fairly content with my chocies and found I was looking forward to the teriyaki dish almost as much as the coveted won tons...that is until the food arrived and I peeked into the bag to discover that Panda Cafe's interpretation of teriyaki chicken is vastly different than my own. Mine involves tender white meat pieces, sauteed in the sweet and salty caramel colored sauce. Theirs, on the other hand, can only be defined as entirely unappetizing as it is on a stick, comes in a weird foil-lined bag, and is oddly pink on the sides. Thus, all I can do is rule out that it is neither teriyaki nor chicken. A bastard cousin of a corndog? Maybe. But that is surely not what I ordered.

Moving on from the disappointment caused by whatever was delivered in the aforementioned insulated bag, I attempted to appease myself with the fortune cookies provided. Much like the teriyaki chicken before them, they left me sorely disappointed. Though I had planned on only eating one of the two cookies that arrived alongside my meal, I ended up polishing both of- for no other reason then the first fortune was absolutely pathetic. As I broke open the cookie, I was eager to find some uplifting words contained within...or at least something entertaining. Instead, I was met by the following: 'You like competing in competitive sports.' Strike two Panda Cafe...that is not a fortune! That is a statement. And not even a witty or clever one. So I proceeded to cookie number two...'You have a broad mind and are socially active.' Again, they missed the boat on the 'fortune' component of the fortune cookie- though I will give them credit as I initially misread this to be 'sexually active' and afforded myself a mild chuckle at my mix-up.

Thus I was left with my won ton soup...whose warmth and comfort was only slightly marred by whatever was masquerading as teriyaki chicken and the lackluster fortune cookies that accompanied it. And although it surely would've tasted better had it been enjoyed from the comfort of my apartment, it brought a little bit of happiness to this otherwise gray Friday.

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