Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Rant

Perched on the corner of my desk is a little pink desk calendar, delightfully entitled The Cupcake Calendar...admittedly I am an ardent fan of cupcakes, the confection itself (when done right- ie: correct frosting to cake ratio, proper cake density, and adorably appetizing appearance) is sheer bliss. For the a large portion of the past 273 days The Cupcake Calendar has been right on in providing me with a delectable dose of cupcakery each day. And although there have been some questionable suggestions (lavendar and honey cupcakes...? where does one even purchase lavendar?), nothing comes close to the absurdity that it the October 1 entry. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you EGGPLANT CAVIAR MUFFINS.

Seriously, there is so much about this that I take issue with-
1. A muffin is NOT a cupcake. The Cupcake Calendar should strictly adhere to the conditions implied by their title, this should be a cupcakes-only publication if you ask me.
2. Caviar is not an ingredient that should be included in baked goods, period.
3. Seriously what the heck?
4. I'm going to vom.

I am both disturbed and dismayed...and more than a little bit disappointed with The Cupcake Calendar. To avoid a similarly heart-wrenching episode in 2010, perhaps I should opt for A Year of Train Trivia, or 365 Nascar Facts or something equally off-putting and socially awkward thus keeping unwanted coworker visits to a minimum?


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