Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maybe its Menopause?

Whoever is in charge of regulating the temperature of my office building is doing a terrible job. Within the five day work week it is possible for employees to suffer both frostbite and heat exhaustion. Luckily I have control on the temperature inside my actual office, keeping it the exact appropriate temperature to accommodate my fall work wardrobe. That way, regardless of if the temperature in the corridors is either sweat inducing or absolutely frigid, I know that I can retreat into my own little bit of climate-controlled heaven.

My boss, however, does not seem to grasp that I am aware of my office is unclear if she is ignorant of the fact that I possess control over this or if my suspicions are true and that as a Communications Director she just sucks at communicating. Yesterday, when the rest of the building was swelteringly hot, my office was a cool respite of bliss. My boss popped her head in- as shes prone to doing at inopportune times (read: when I am facebooking, blogging, shopping, homeworking...), though instead of tasking me with something absurd or inquiring about the status of a project I had updated her on an hour before, she simply stated "It's cool in here," followed immediately by an awkward smile. I politely nodded yes, to which she inquired "You like it cool?" I could not justify this with an answer so I just stared at her. Seriously, I am so confused. Is this an attempt at small talk? Does she not notice its roughly two hundred and twelve degrees in the rest of the office and that the simple task of making a copy produced more sweat than my morning workout did? I could've dismissed this episode, except that the same thing transpired earlier today.

Rather than face the heat I endured yesterday, I walked into the building today to find it so cold I could practically see my breath. Shivering in my pencil skirt and short-sleeve, mock-turtle top, I was grateful for the comfort of my office, which was decidedly warm by comparison. Again, my boss pops her head in (literally...she seriously just sticks her face inside, supporting the rest of her body against the wall beside the door jamb), pauses, then astutely comments "It's warm in here," followed by the same awkward smile. I respond as I did yesterday, with a polite head nod. "You like it warm?" Seriously- its the same temperature it was yesterday. Not a smidge warmer or cooler. So no, I do not like it cool, nor do I like it warm, if you're curious about how I like my office, in general I prefer it when YOU'RE not in it.


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