Thursday, February 11, 2010

Confessions of a Snowed in Snob

A half day of work on Friday, plus a sublimely snowy Saturday and Sunday, immediately followed by four days of less than blissful blizzarding and here I am...probably 15 pounds heavier and severely lacking in both the motivation and human interaction aspects of my life. I've spent these past days indulging in various food stuffs I would not otherwise have kept in the house, ie; chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, sour candy, Smart Food related news I am also indulging in elastic waste pants more than usual. Despite falling off the wagon in terms of eating well and working out (hey...shoveling counts, right?), this time off has allowed me to keep up with some of my other resolutions- particularly the cooking and baking, which may be contributing to the sweat pant trend I'm rocking. Recent creations- Pepper Jack Mac & Cheese...and last night I whipped up some homemade oatmeal cookies. Yum. 

But let's be honest- none of that is really what you all came to read about. Unfortunately blizzards don't really provide much fodder for judging...though my own antics during it certainly did. For example, after venturing out on Saturday night with my snowbound companions for far too many libations at our local watering hole, we wandered down Wisconsin to meet up with the bro & co for Sunday brunch. I perused my phone for hints as to how I spent the hours between nine and three the evening before. And here is what a discovered...I googled 'where the f is cornell'. 

Ummm, what? In what context did I need this information and why was I so demanding of the search engine? I am severely disappointed in myself. And can only forgive this behavior because it was a snow day and things like this are excusable, right? Probably which case I'm looking forward to rejoining the real world tomorrow, where I can redeem myself. Just one problem-sweatpants are CERTAINLY not acceptable office attire...


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