Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How ya been?

Every blog has at least one of these posts…a “sorry for not posting’, “this is why I’ve been gone”, “I resolve to be more consistent this time”, etc type entry. I’m guilty of just such an entry on this very blog, in a post made nearly 36 months ago entitled New Direction, Same Old Snob.

That post was born out of a pledge to write more in 2010, a resolution that along with managing my finances, getting fit, and trying things outside of my comfort zone rounded of my goals for that year . Clearly I did a pretty bad job of making those habits stick as they're all back on the list of resolutions for 2013.

So why the hiatus? Well there were several contributing factors to my absence in cyberspace, namely office firewalls and general lack of inspiration. However, that’s not to say there wasn’t plenty of material worthy of posting. In fact there was an abundance of judgments and confessions perfect for these pages, and yet, sadly, I lacked the motivation and network access to share. I make no promises this time; however I’m hopeful you’ll be hearing from me a whole lot more regularly than every 36 months. But just in case – here’s hoping you have a wonderful 2013, 2014, and that 2015 treats you well.


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